"Ethical skincare that maintains the balance
of nature and acknowledges the contributions
of its producers"

Sustainable Sourcing

Nature's balance is a source of wisdom and power, not just in the ecosystem of our skin but also in the environments where our ingredients are grown. Disrupting this balance is a violation of the natural world and a betrayal of future generations. That's why we only source from farms that practice sustainable land management and respect the natural environment.
Sustainable hand-harvesting is at the core of our ingredient sourcing practices. By carefully collecting wild growth plants, we are able to maintain the biodiversity of the ecosystems where our ingredients are natively found, while also ensuring the longevity of these environments. We believe that this approach is essential for the well-being of both our customers and the planet

As much as possible, we work with certified organic producers, but prioritize sustainable harvesting, with the safety and benefits for our customers above all

Bio-Ethical Trade

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Muswodi Dipeni Village in Limpopo. The Ka-ben Village in Swaziland. The Kunene Region villages of Namibia.

These communities have long recognized the benefits of these potent plants and have utilized them for generations, with some even using them for thousands of years. Their extensive knowledge and experience in finding the best trees and using the most effective techniques for harvesting is unparalleled. They approach their work with the utmost respect for the land, which is also their home.

We respect the indigenous intellectual property of these producers and do not coerce them into exclusive agreements. We also ensure that they have access to fair and transparent benefits sharing, in accordance with the Nagoya protocol.

Socially Responsible Sourcing

In rural villages, the majority of farmers are women who are also responsible for taking care of their children. Their work often takes them away from the village, and it may not be practical or safe to bring young children with them. As a result, informal pre-schools have emerged to address this need, but these are not sufficient solutions.

Organc Potions donates 1% of its sales to the Argan Foundation, which supports projects in Argan harvesting communities. They are building a pre-school in the Asni, Village, which provides Organic Potions with Argan for our products.

Pure Power Oil

Purely natural, purely effective - Organic Potions skincare products, crafted with pure intentions - To bring you100% Argan Oil in its most powerful form.

One Drop, All-in-One - Nourish, Protect, and Hydrate. Argan Oil is the ultimate solution for restoring your skin's natural radiance and vitality. We source our Argan oil ethically and sustainably. From seed to soil to bottle, No additives - except a whole lot of LOVE.

More About Our Argan Oil Quality

Clean Seas, Less Plastic

At Organic Potions, we are deeply committed to preserving and protecting our planet. We actively participate in sea cleaning initiatives and strive to minimize plastic waste throughout our operations.

Removing Marine Debris

Through collaborations with local organizations, we contribute to the removal of marine debris and restore the natural beauty of our oceans. By joining these initiatives, we help create cleaner and safer environments for marine life to thrive.

Sustainable Packaging

We prioritize eco-friendly packaging solutions to reduce our plastic footprint. Our products are packaged in materials that are recyclable or biodegradable whenever possible. By choosing sustainable alternatives, we aim to minimize plastic waste and promote responsible consumption.