"I've always been captivated by the extraordinary power of rare
African botanicals. Through science-driven innovation and
a commitment to organic formulations, we have harnessed their
unique properties to create skincare that balances the skin
and nourishes the senses."

Ancestral Roots

Ibtihal Cherif, born in Italy, proudly carries the heritage of her Moroccan origins. She comes from a family of skilled skincare artisans, whose expertise has been passed down through generations. Growing up, she was immersed in the traditions and wisdom of her ancestors, learning about the transformative power of natural ingredients and the art of crafting exceptional skincare products.

Fascination with African Culture

During her childhood trips with her father to various African countries, Ibtihal developed a deep fascination with African culture. The vibrant cultures, diverse traditions, and mesmerizing landscapes captivated her imagination and ignited her passion for the beauty and richness of the African continent.

Deep Connection to Moroccan Heritage

With her Moroccan heritage ingrained in her identity, Ibtihal draws inspiration from the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Morocco. The ancient beauty rituals and botanical remedies practiced by her ancestors have greatly influenced her vision and approach to skincare.

Exploring African Botanicals

Driven by a passion for discovery and a desire to embrace the richness of African botanicals, Ibtihal embarked on a journey across the continent. She immersed herself in the diverse landscapes and cultures, collaborating with local experts and artisans to learn about the unique properties and uses of indigenous plants.

Embracing Organic Skincare

Ibtihal's unwavering commitment to organic skincare led her to meticulously source and sustainably harvest authentic ingredients from Morocco and African botanicals. She believes in the power of nature to provide effective and nourishing solutions for the skin, without compromising on quality or sustainability

Honoring Tradition and Craftsmanship

Guided by the wisdom of her ancestors, Ibtihal places great importance on craftsmanship and artistry. Drawing on centuries-old techniques and her family's heritage, she ensures that every product reflects the utmost quality, efficacy, and care.

A Sustainable Vision

As a champion of sustainability, Ibtihal integrates eco-conscious practices into every aspect of Organic Potions. From responsible ingredient sourcing to environmentally friendly packaging choices, she strives to minimize the brand's ecological footprint and contribute to the preservation of the natural resources and cultural heritage that inspire her.

Empowering Others

Beyond creating exceptional skincare products, Ibtihal is passionate about empowering others. She believes in the transformative power of self-care and advocates for embracing beauty rituals as a way to nurture not just the skin, but also the body, mind, and spirit.

Ibtihal's journey and dedication to the art of skincare have culminated in the birth of Organic Potions. Her vision is to share the beauty and benefits of Moroccan and African botanicals with the world, and she invites you to join her on this extraordinary skincare adventure.