Organic Potions jar of purifying clay mask
Texture of Organic Potions purifying clay mask
Organic Potions purifying clay mask jar, opened
Woman wearing our purifying clay face mask, tightening skin and reducing wrinkles

Purifying Clay Mask


A detox clay mask that purges pores of impurities to help fight the visible effects of pollution. 100% Natural, Cruelty Free.

SIZE: Full Size (2 fl oz | 65 ml)

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Our Purifying Clay Mask is a non-comedogenic, mineral-rich formula designed to purify pores and detoxify skin, resulting in a clear, smooth, shine-free complexion without stripping your skin's natural oils. Thanks to its unique blend of Rhassoul clay known for its deep cleansing properties, along with Argan oil, Green Tea, vitamins, and minerals, this mask effectively removes impurities like dirt, blackheads, and excess sebum while regulating sebum production and promoting skin renewal. It detoxifies and minimizes the appearance of pores, leaving your skin clearer, brighter, and rejuvenated. Gentle enough for all skin types, add it to your skincare routine for best results.


Absorbing Excess Oil

The Purifying Clay Mask effectively eliminates excess oil from the skin, leading to a reduction in the appearance of oily skin and decreasing the risk of breakouts.

Unclogging Pores

Impurities are removed and blackheads are diminished, reducing the chance of acne.

Improving Skin Texture

The mask gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells, and leaving the skin feeling smoother and more refined.

Detoxifying the Skin

Impurities and oil are removed, resulting in an improvement in the health and appearance of the skin.

Soothing Irritated Skin

The purifying clay mask calms irritated skin


Skin Concerns

Anti-Aging, Breakouts, Uneven skin tone and roughnes

Skin Types

Normal/ Oily/ Combination/ Dry/ Sensitive

Free From

Our Purifying clay mask is 100% free of parabens, steroid, fragrance, SLS, SLES, DEA, heavy metals, talc, and petrolatum/ paraffin/ mineral oil and formulated without unnecessary preservatives, solvents, or emulsifiers


Aqua, Rhassoul clay* (Moroccan lava clay), Argan oil* (Argania kernel oil), Honey* (mel), Green tea oil*. Vitamin E, Isopropyl myristate, polysorbate, Potassium sorbate, Glycerin (Glycerin), Vitamin E
*Certified by Ecocert Greenlife and USDA organic


Apply the purifying clay mask using a clean makeup brush or your fingers. Avoid contact with the eyes, and spread an even layer of the mask on your face. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, or until it has fully dried.
Rinse off the mask with warm water, gently massaging your face while you do so, to ensure all the mask is removed.
It is important to store the mask in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight to maintain its effectiveness


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Zahara J.
Absolutely love this mask!

It really does calm my skin and it doesn't irritate at all. I only use like a little bit (literally only need one pump). I honestly haven't experienced any breakouts since using this! It smells so good too (bonus)

Sara T.
Smells amazing

It leaves my skin so soft and smells amazing! Definitely worth the price

Jasmine T.
Works great!

Makes my skin super bright and even the next day!

Chery D.
LOVE this mask

This is my 3nd jar. Can't rave about it enough! Does exactly what it says it will do and leaves the skin feeling amazing and glowing.

Kareen N.

I bought two. it works even just from one use it purified any breakouts I had that I didn’t even know about! My face feels so much cleaner after I use it!

Proven Results


98% said it was purifying and their skin looked healthier
94% reported the appearance of their pores was minimized
90% noticed the texture of their skin was smoother
90% said it soothed their skin
87% reported it balanced the skin


Active Botanicals

Organic Potions skincare is made with responsibly sourced, highly effective botanical ingredients and clean, bio-engineered actives to minimize environmental impact.


From plant-sourced ferments to proprietary complexes, our formula is clean and contains a blend of purifying and moisturizing ingredients such as Moroccan Lava Clay, Argan Oil, and Green Tea to minimize pores and restore and revitalize the skin's barrier for immediate, noticeable results. Swipe to see key ingredients

Close-up of argan nuts, the source of argan oil used in organic skincare products

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is high in fatty acids ( Omega 3, 6, and 9), giving the skin a youthful glow. It is easily absorbed and repair damaged skin and prevent further damage. With powerful anti-oxidants, argan oil helps to improve elasticity and leaves skin feeling plump and soft.

Rhassoul Clay: Natural skincare ingredient by Organic Potions

Moroccan Lava Clay 

A natural mineral clay mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It detoxifies, clarifies, and deeply cleanses skin without stripping natural oils. This clay, known as Rhassoul Clay, increases skin elasticity, evens skin tone, reduces blemishes and blackheads, and reduces skin dryness or flakiness.


Close-up of glycerin texture a skincare ingredient used in Organic Potions products


This versatile humectant is well-known for its ability to effectively moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated. In our formulas, glycerin works to retain moisture within the skin, helping it to maintain a healthy, hydrated appearance and to soften rough or dry areas for a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

A close-up green tea plant, the main ingredient in a purifying face mask to nourish and rejuvenate the skin

Green Tea

An anti-free radical and antioxidant that promotes skin regeneration, treating skin conditions such as spots, pimples, blemishes, dryness, and infections, making it an ideal solution for soothing skin


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A close-up shot of a woman holding a bottle of nourishing argan oil, ready to give her skin the hydration and nourishment it deserves.
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